Restart Your

You were sent here because you did NOT restart your computer before asking for help.


How dare you NOT restart your computer before asking for help?

Why would you bother wasting someones valuable time before restarting your computer?

Ok, maybe you don't know how to restart your computer, I will show you how to do.

I will show you how to reboot Windows Xp,Windows Vista, and Mac OS X.
(more to come soon)

In Windows XP, go to start and hit Shut Down and you will see where it says RESTART, hit that button!

( Wasn't that easy? )

Alright now for Windows Vista.

At the bottom of the Start menu are some buttons. From left to righ, they are Standby (circle), Lock (lock), and Shut Down (arrow). Click on Shut Down, it will Open a menu with several shut down options, including Switch User, Logoff, Lock, Restart, Sleep, and Shut Down. Click on Restart

 ( Wasn't that easy? )

Now for the Mac.

Click on the Apple on the top left hand corner and click on Restart.

( Wasn't that easy? )

But of course you really shouldn't have to restart a Mac.

( Make sure your sound is on )

Remember this is what your computer thinks of YOU!
(When you don't Restart Your Computer when you have problems)

More to come soon! So check back in a week!

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